Us Hails Conduct Of Election Petition

On Friday, September 27, 2013, before Rouhani’s departure from New York, the Iranian president and American President Barack Obama held a telephone conversation. The call was the first direct communication between an Iranian and a US president since Iran’s Islamic Revolution in 1979. 3, 2013 at 9:45 AM TEHRAN, Oct. 3 (UPI) — Iran is willing to consider a memorandum of understanding for direct flights to the United States, a national aviation director in Iran said. Iranian President Hassan Rouhani called on legislators in the Islamic republic this week to review the prospects for direct flights between the United States and Iran. He has moved to engage his adversaries since winning Iranian elections this year by running as a moderate. Civil aviation director Hamid Reza Pahlavani said the government was ready to sign a preliminary agreement on the agenda, the semiofficial Fars News Agency reported Thursday. A parliamentary committee on national security and foreign policy in Tehran said the measure would not only help Iranian expatriates travel home but improve ties with the United States, Fars reported. Rouhani spoke by phone with U.S. President Barack last week as the Iranian president was returning home from the U.N. General Assembly meeting in New York, Fars said. Both leaders also exchanged formal letters on the nuclear impasse. Bilateral ties were severed in 1979 when the U.S.

She said this had demonstrated how far Ghana had come with democracy. The Assistant Secretary was answering questions from the Daily Graphic in the areas of partnership, which the United States of America has with Ghana, during a video conference beamed live from the State House, Washington, USA, in Accra on Thursday. We have a very strong partnership with the government of Ghana we are very very pleased with the results of the Supreme Court decision, where Ghana had free fair elections and it was confirmed by your court and it was accepted by the opposition, Mrs Thomas-Greenfield said. I think that says a lot about how far Ghana has come as a democracy and how strong Ghanas democracy is. So again, we look forward to working with Ghana. We have lots of investments in Ghana. Ghana is a recipient of a Millennium Challenge Corporation compact. We again encourage the people of Ghana to continue to move forward as a strong democracy and as a model on the continent and particularly in the region of West Africa, she said. Responding to another question on a US$7 billion power project, dubbed Power Africa, to assist Africa deal with its frequent power outages, Mrs Thomas-Greenfield said the initiative had already begun and the United States lead agency, USAID, was already working with private companies in six countries for a start. She said the energy office in the State Department and Economic Office were all partnering institutions in Africa to develop the initiative. I think this is going to be an initiative that will have widespread impact, because with power, companies will be able to invest, with power, children are able to go to school, with power, hospitals are able to function, so this is major for Africa, she said. Mrs Thomas-Greenfield said while it would take some years for the impact of the five-year project to be felt, it would take a lot of work. She also spoke about another initiative of the United States of America for Africas significantly high youth population. Dubbed the Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI), Mrs Thomas-Greenfield said it would involve three months of training on leadership for selected youth in the United States, during which the youth would be expected to develop relationships across borders and talk to each other during conflicts and also put into practice what they learn in their various countries.

United States. Mandatory Health Care leaves 31 million people without medical treatment

Congressional Republicans now cynically posturing in the government shutdown as champions of the rights of ordinary Americans have no disagreement with the health care laws overall big-business bent. Another segment of the population left out by Obamacare consists of the nations 11 million undocumented residents, who are explicitly ineligible. Lawfully permitted residents who have lived in the country for less than five years are also excluded. So-called DREAMersyoung undocumented people who, beginning in 2012, were allowed to remain in the US for a minimum of two years while working toward citizenshipare also ineligible, with certain exceptions for victims of abuse or human trafficking. The undocumented parents of children who are US citizens face another dilemma. If they enroll their children for coverage through the Obama exchanges, they risk revealing their undocumented status and possible deportation. Conversely, since all members of a family purchasing insurance on the exchanges must have a Social Security number, a legally documented parent cannot purchase insurance for his or her undocumented child. Still another major category of people falling through the Obamacare cracks are the victims of the family glitch. Under the law, companies with 50 or more workers must provide adequate plans (covering at least 60 percent of health care costs) that are affordable (costing no more than 9.5 percent of an employees taxable income). But in a sop to big business, companies are judged only on the basis of the coverage they offer to their individual employee, not his or her family. Thus, family members are ineligible for subsidies to purchase coverage on the exchanges if the company provides adequate and affordable coverage to the individual employee. Source: WSWS Copyright 2013 by This material is available for republication as long as reprints include verbatim copy of the article in its entirety, respecting its integrity.