New York Clinches A Playoff Spot In Dramatic Draw With New England (video)

Former Hells Angels leader slams New York beating after motorcycle chase

They seemed on their way to getting in with a win (surely the preferred way) but a controversial handball on New Yorks Jamison Olave changed the game and breathed fresh life into New Englands playoff hopes. If Olave who was having an excellent match, helping generally prevent New Englands Premier League-bound striker Juan Agudelo from being dangerous got much arm on Saer Senes shot, it wasnt much. Olave appeared to block the ball legally with his upper chest area or front part of the shoulder. Minutes later, Revolution midfielder Andy Dorman was ejected for a nasty tackle, damaging the visitors chances of getting a second, late goal. Fagundezs late goal gave New England a 2-1 win, but Cahills late, late header put a punctuation mark on a wild, wild conclusion. Jay Heaps Revolution may now have to win all three remaining matches, including two on the road, to make the playoffs. New York was in control over the first 45 minutes, as New England lost the midfield and then fell behind on Fabian Espincolas goal, one that was equal measures clinical finishing and defensive blunder . If New England was fairly harmless in the first 45 minutes, the urgency kicked in for the second 45. By early in the second half, New England was pushing rather desperately, getting lots of numbers into the attack, well aware of what it meant to pull out of Red Bull Arena with no points. Winning at Red Bull Arena was always a tall order; its something the club has not accomplished in New York since 2007. Plus, the Red Bulls were unbeaten in their previous eight at home.

Pittsburgh Steelers or New York Giants: Who’s in the Playoffs

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I know I’m splitting hairs here, but hey, every win counts. Nonetheless, for these teams to capitalize on these favorable schedules, they’ll have to shore up the areas that have caused their 0-4 starts. For Pittsburgh, its start can be attributed to poor pass-protection and an absent running game. While I don’t envision the Steelers improving significantly in protecting Ben Roethlisberger mostly because their star center Maurkice Pouncey is out for the season Roethlisberger has always fell victim to sacks , and they’ve still won two Super Bowls. The essential thing that Pittsburgh has to turn around is its abysmal running game. Only averaging 58 yards rushing per game, Pittsburgh has got to get back to playing Steeler football. With rookie Le’Veon Bell a capable running back now healthy, this may be something Pittsburgh can get back to. For the Giants, it won’t be as easy to right the ship. At this point, one word sums up what New York has done well this season: nothing. Whether it be their running game, passing game or defense, the Giants have been anemic. Owners of the third-worst scoring offense and the worst scoring defense in the NFL , New York will need significantly more improvement than Pittsburgh if it’s to make the playoffs. Whereas the Giants have the talent and health to improve on defense according to , they just added Jon Beason to address their weakness at linebackerthe offense might not have the means to improve. With starting left tackle William Beatty unable to block anybody and starters David Bass and Chris Snee out with injury Snee is out for the season Eli Manning will continue to be a human pinata. Add in the fact that even when David Wilson holds on to the ball he can’t find running lanes, I don’t see the Giants’ offense improving enough to make a playoff push. Lastly, there is the issue of the conferences that Pittsburgh and New York play in.

New York City Opera Files for Bankruptcy

“There’s a lot of power; it’s very seductive.” The helmet-cam video cuts out when the riders catch up to Lien and one uses his helmet as a hammer to smash in his driver’s side window. Christie said Lien was grossly outnumbered and the fact that the bikers, considering their frenzy, only left Lien with two black eyes and a cut on his face that required stitches indicates that they exercised some restraint. “Maybe they noticed the mom and kid looking on,” Christie said. Lien’s wife, Rosalyn Ng, has said that her family’s sympathies go out to Mieses, but that they had to flee a dangerous situation. She said her husband was trying to protect her and their child. Jerry Langton wrote several books on motorcycle clubs, including a profile on Walter Stadnick, the founder of the Hells Angels in Canada. Langton said the riders who appeared in the video are far from being a true motorcycle club. These clubs, like the Hells Angels or Outlaws, often wear uniforms, ride Harleys and adhere to a code of conduct that would oppose what was seen in the video, Langton said. “It would be highly frowned on to be violent in front of a wife and kid,” he said. “Let’s just say that.” Langton recalled a story of an associate from the Montreal chapter of Hells Angels who accidentally killed an 11-year-old in a bombing. That associate was later killed. A former rider with the Legion of Doom, a New York motorcycle club, told that these bikers who terrorize motorists give responsible bikers a bad name. These thrown-together groups are often comprised of riders out for a thrill who take little precaution. “I don’t have any respect for people who don’t know how to ride in a proper formation on the highway,” said Angel, the former rider who only gave his first name for the report. “You also don’t chase and beat up a man in front of his family.

It would also leave New York with one remaining major company, the 128-year-old Metropolitan Opera. Donated Elsewhere Cultural institutions and their donors suffered in the financial crisis that started in 2007, and as the economy recovered their donations went elsewhere, said Ted Gavin, a partner at the turnaround and restructuring company Gavin/Solmonese LLC in Wilmington, Delaware . The patrons of the arts in New York City voted with their dollars and gave their money to other organizations, Gavin said in a phone interview before the bankruptcy was filed. Do we have too many operas? Probably. Christopher Koelsch, the chief executive officer of LA Opera in Los Angeles , said New York City Operas closing doesnt mean the biggest U.S. city cant support two operas. Such institutions must be flexible, vigilant and constantly making their case to their constituencies, he said. I would argue in a city of New Yorks size, cultural sophistication and resources that it would be possible to have two entirely vibrant and distinct opera companies, Koelsch said in a phone interview before the filing. The bankruptcy is a good time to pause and reflect on just how fragile some of these institutions are. Urgent Notice The company last week posted an urgent notice on its website seeking donations to help raise $20 million, including $7 million it said it needed by Sept. 30 for the current season. The remaining productions for this season were Johann Christian Bachs Endimione, Bela Bartoks Bluebeards Castle and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozarts The Marriage of Figaro, according to the website. The company sat out the 2008-09 season, while the New York State Theater (renamed for donor David Koch ) was renovated.