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About 2,000 march in Hollywood immigration rally

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“It’s unfair that this happened to me,” Garavito said, “so I want to correct the system. It’s a human rights issue.” Garavito was one of hundreds of activists who marched in Hollywood on Saturday advocating for new immigration laws . Los Angeles police were on hand, but the march remained peaceful. By 11 a.m., Hollywood Boulevard at Western Avenue was packed with people holding banners, blowing air horns and listening to speakers take turns telling their stories from a stage set up on the bed of a truck. Giant speakers helped preachers, musicians and political organizers rally the protesters standing in the street. “Si se puede!” they shouted. “Si se puede! (Yes, we can.)” There were hot dog carts, American flags and plenty of handmade signs. Many of the signs called on Congress to pass legislation that would open a path to citizenship for those who are here illegally. The march around Hollywood began around noon. Garavito and other activists acknowledged that some are losing faith in Congress as the government remains shut down . But they insisted that the time to tackle immigration is now. “We have hope,” said Garavito, a member of the Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles, which helped organize the march. “Look at how many people are organizing. It’s the voice of the people that will tell Congress ‘Get your act together.’ ” The Hollywood rally was one of several staged in California and nationwide Saturday.

Twenty cities in California were staging events Saturday to show their support. Among the eight immigration-related measures Brown signed was AB4, sponsored by Assemblyman Tom Ammiano, D-San Francisco, which creates a statewide standard for how local agencies comply with the federal Secure Communities program, which requires law enforcement to check the immigration status of anyone who is arrested. The governor vetoed a similar measure last year because it did not let officials detain those convicted of crimes such as child abuse and drug trafficking, exemptions that were removed from this year’s version. The governor also approved a bill allowing lawyers to be admitted to the California bar even if they are living in the U.S. illegally. Previously: Thousands of immigrants and supporters are expected to march through Hollywood on Saturday as part of an effort taking place across the nation pushing for immigration reform. The event called “March of the Stars” will last several hours and is just one of more than 150 that are part of what organizers are billing as a “National Day for Dignity and Respect.” The mobilization is a prelude to a rally and free concert Tuesday on the National Mall in Washington. Immigration has been a rare area of bipartisan cooperation and confidence was boosted earlier in the year on a sweeping overhaul of the system and a path to citizenship for millions. But the crisis over Syria, and now the partial government shutdown, has diverted the attention of legislators. The chances a bill makes its way through Congress before the year ends are slim. But immigration advocates want to make sure reform stays front and center despite other pressing issues for lawmakers.

Her first dance remains the best to date. I love that the judges were also honest with her. Score: 16 (in a rare moment Bruno underscores with Len) Bill Engvall (Comedian) and Emma – Lone Ranger theme (Pasa Doble) Bill is a great natural dancer. His posture, arms and leg placement are great. He does a great job of getting Emma from point a to b and appears to match his partner without seeming overwhelmed by her. This week the judges acknowledged his talent without allowing his age to prejudice their scores. This time, they gave him exactly what he deserved and no less. Score: 24 Amber (‘Glee’) and Derek – Great Gatsby theme (Charleston) First off, who the hell did Amber’s makeup? She’s naturally pretty, but the lipstick and eye shadow were too dark and looked clown-ish. Second off, when will Amber start wearing make up during rehearsals? I love that she refuses to wear foundation, matte lipstick and the heavy eye makeup of other stars during rehearsals. All the same, couldn’t she just put a smidge of light eyeliner on? I’m trying to figure out Derek’s relationship with Amber.

Hollywood Casino 400 post-practice betting notes and top-rated drivers

Busch probably knows that better than anyone and will use this race to challenge the entire crew, including himself. Once the car is set up properly, he can let it fly and go for the win. Joey Logano didn’t do anything special in practice, and he also has never done anything spectacular at Kansas, as his 26.1 average finish will attest to. But he should be considered someone to watch and maybe take a chance on, as his odds increase upwards to 35-to-1 and higher. The reason: you simply always have to respect the car. In this case, Logano is using the chassis that last raced at Michigan in August and won. Logano oudueled Mark Martin, Keselowski and Harvick for his first win of the season and first win for Penske Racing after switching from Dodge to Ford. The win kind of changed the course of his season — and possibly his career. Because teammate Keselowski ran well in practice, there’s a good likelihood that getting help to make the No. 22 go fast won’t be difficult. Like Busch, watch Logano get better as the race goes on. Micah Roberts’ Top-10 Driver Ratings Hollywood Casino 400 Sunday, Oct.